February 8, 2005

Guide to Information Sources in Mathematics and Statistics

:: Catherine Lavallée-Welch posted information on the new reference book by Martha Tucker and Nancy Anderson. The book is called Guide to Information Sources in Mathematics and Statistics:

This book is a reference for librarians, mathematicians, and statisticians involved in college and research level mathematics and statistics in the 21st century. We are in a time of transition in scholarly communications in mathematics, practices which have changed little for a hundred years are giving way to new modes of accessing information. Where journals, books, indexes and catalogs were once the physical representation of a good mathematics library, shelves have given way to computers, and users are often accessing information from remote places. Part I is a historical survey of the past 15 years tracking this huge transition in scholarly communications in mathematics. Part II of the book is the bibliography of resources recommended to support the disciplines of mathematics and statistics. These resources are grouped by material type. Publication dates range from the 1800's onwards. Hundreds of electronic resources-some online, both dynamic and static, some in fixed media, are listed among the paper resources. Amazingly a majority of listed electronic resources are free.
Purchasing this for our collection is a no-brainer; without seeing it, I know the book will be of the highest quality.

January 4, 2005

New Open Access Journal on Probablility

:: Writing on PAMNET (among others), George Porter notes:

Probability Surveys is the second new journal to debut on Project Euclid this month. It is also only the second title to be distributed on Project Euclid as an Open Access journal, the first being Annals of Mathematics.

Probability Surveys is a joint effort of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics and the Bernoulli Society. The journal is operating with Open Journal Systems software from the Public Knowledge Project.

Probability Surveys
Fulltext v1+ (2004+)
ISSN: 1549-5787