July 21, 2005

"Better Understanding Your Users: - An SLA Chemistry Division Web Forum

:: The Chemistry, Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics, and SciTech Divisions of SLA are co-hosting the web conference, "Better Understanding Your Users", a SLA Chemistry Division Forum. The posters were originally presented at the SLA Annual meeting in Toronto, June 2005.

December 6, 2004

"Chemical Information Instruction" web conference now open

The SLA Chemistry Division and the ACS CINF Division cosponsored web conference, "Chemical Information Instruction," is now open for registration and participation. Links to the full text of the presentations are provided on the main conference page and at the beginning of each discussion forum.

To register,

  • a) go to The first box directly under the main title will say, "SLA Chemistry Division Forums." Within this box on the left side, there is a link to "Register." Click on this.
  • b) Fill in the appropriate information, including your email address, choose your own User Name and password, then submit.
  • c) Final step: Activate your account. Following submission of your registration information, an email will automatically be generated by the Forum and sent to you requesting that you activate your account by clicking on the link contained within the email. Once you do this, you're set to go and may now freely participate.
For those who have previously registered with us for the summer conference, your User Names and passwords are still valid. If, however, you have forgotten your password, just click on the Log-in button at the upper right side of the screen, and a message will appear allowing you to click on a link which will enable you to reset your password. Just follow the instructions on that page.

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November 29, 2004

SLA Chem Div - ACS CINF Web Conference - Chemical Information Instruction

:: On CHMINF-L, William Armstrong posted the following about a forthcoming web conference on chemical information instruction:

The SLA Chemistry Division and the ACS CINF Division will be co-sponsoring a web conference to be held during the first full week of December, 2004. The conference, entitled "Chemical Information Instruction," will feature five posters originally presented at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia in August, 2004, through the coordinating efforts of Erja Kajosalo of MIT. The discussions will take place on the SLA Chemistry Division Web Conference site at, where each poster will not only be linked to the full presentation, but will have its own discussion forum moderated by the author/presenter.

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September 8, 2004

SLA Chemistry Division Summer 2004 Newsletter

:: Volume 19, Issue 1, Summer 2004 issue of the SLA Chemistry Division E-Newsletter is available for viewing.