December 1, 2003

Neurobiology of Lipids - Peer-reviewed, Open Access

:: Neurobiology of Lipids is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published out of Moscow. More information is available here. The editorial board has 32 members, and one can link to each member's articles as indexed in PubMed.

:: Today's homepage comes from the University of Minnesota's Science & Engineering Library - Sciweb.

November 5, 2003

20 Google Secrets

:: From Rita Vine's Sitelines: Tara Calishain, creator of ResearchBuzz, has written a short article called 20 Great Google Secrets. Many of these tips would be of use to us when helping our students search on the web. Like most searchers, most often I type in a word or phrase in quotations, and hope for the best. Some highlights from the article:

  • Using the expression intitle: at the beginning of a search restricts the search to the title of the web page.
  • I wasn't aware that Google could be used as a phonebook. Enter the person's name, city and state. If a result is found, it will appear at the top of the results page. Calishain advises that you can restrict searches to residential listings by prefacing your search with rphonebook:, and bphonebook: for business listings. What's weird is that there is no mention of these two search modifiers on the Google site where "Phonebook" is explained. How does Calishain know these commands exist? Problem for us in Canada: this feature only works for US listings.
  • Need a quick definition of a word or a phrase? Type define: followed by the word or phrase, and Google will search for the meaning of what you typed.
Another interesting feature: Google can restrict a search to a university site.

:: This is the homepage for the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Library. They offer resource guides in areas including engineering and science.

October 1, 2003

Interview with Tim Berners-Lee

:: Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing the world wide web in 1989. He shares his ideas of a more "intelligent" web in this interview from the BBC.

:: Today's website is from the Life Sciences Libraries at the University of British Columbia. Today's resource guide is "Agriculture: Guide to Library Resources & Information" from Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library, U Tennessee.

September 15, 2003

Virtual Museums and Public Understanding of Science and Culture

"This Web page offers a retrospective of a symposium held in May 2002 by The Nobel Foundation. "The purpose of the symposium was to explore how scientific and cultural institutions can use Internet and the new information technology to promote public understanding of science and culture." A brief recap of the event and a transcript of the panel discussion are provided online. Additionally, nearly twenty presentations and articles from keynote speakers can be downloaded. The presentations addressed many different topics, including basic justification for virtual museums, discipline-specific online exhibit design, and interactive virtual laboratories. " (From: The NSDL Scout Report for Math, Engineering, and Technology, v2, n18, 12 Sept 2003)

:: Today's website comes from the Science & Engineering Library at UC San Diego.

September 3, 2003

Mixed-Bag Special

:: Walt Crawford, in the latest issue of Cites & Incites, v3, n11, Sept 2003, offers commentary and observation on open access, blogging, and provides a summary of his survey of DVD durability. Definitely worth a look.

:: Classes began today on our campus, as in the rest of the world. Here in the SciTech Library, we maintain a number of online resource guides (for example: botany, nutrition and food sciences, polar studies, and materials science and engineering.) In addition to showcasing different scitech library websites, I'd like to post links to subject resource guides from different libraries. We can always learn from our colleagues!

If you would like your resource guide(s) highlighted, please let us know (e-mail info is in the right hand column!).

:: EEVL is now providing improved access to industry news and job announcement news.

:: Today's home page comes from Radcliffe Library, The Science Department of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.

August 28, 2003

Issues in SciTech Librarianship, Summer 2003, Issue 38

:: The Summer 2003, Number 38 edition of Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship has appeared. Articles of interest include Mary DeCarlo's Mathematics Education Resources on the Internet, and Digital Archiving: Journey from Books to Analytical Informatics, by Marie Scandone and Deborah Kernan.

:: Today's web site is from the Centennial Science & Engineering Library at the University of New Mexico.

August 27, 2003

Penn Library: Science and Engineering Libraries, A Thinking Robot, "Smart" Dust

:: Here's a new STLQ feature: web sites from randomly selected scitech libraries. Browse the site, and perhaps you'll find something interesting that you'll want to use in your home library. First up: Science and Engineering Libraries at U Pennsylvania.

:: Researchers at U Essex in the UK have received a 500,000 award to build a robot that will be self-aware, able to think for itself. (From: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends)

:: Chemists at U Cal San Deigo have announced the development of particles the size of dust, which can sense their environment and assemble in groups. The report will appear shortly in the online edition of PNAS. (From: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends)