May 27, 2006

National Trends Regarding the Assignment of Duties to Science Librarians

.: The following entry was posted on 26 May 2006 to the SLA-ST discussion list. If you have time, complete the survey. It will be interesting to see the results of the survey if they are posted.:

Dear Colleagues,

We are in the midst of planning for an upcoming reorganization and would like to get some feedback on national trends regarding the assignment of duties to science librarians. I know how busy this time of year gets, but I'm hoping you would be willing to take 3 minutes or less to answer the following questions (most of which are yes/no questions). Your feedback is extremely important and will have a direct and immediate

Responses on or before Wednesday, May 31 (2006) would be most useful. I'll be happy to summarize results for the list.

  1. Do you currently have collection planning (a.k.a. collection development, collection management) responsibilities for a particular subject(s)?
  2. Do your collection planning duties comprise more than half of the focus of your job?
  3. Do you also participate in some reference and instruction duties? If so, how many hours per week do you work reference?
  4. Do you teach both undergraduate and graduate students?
  5. If you were planning to hire a new science librarian, would one of the duties include collection planning?
  6. In hiring science librarians for your library, if a candidate did not have prior experience in collection planning, would that eliminate them from your consideration?
  7. What is your title?
  8. At what institution do you work?
Many thanks for your help with these questions.

Catherine Soehner and Wei Wei

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