November 6, 2003

Using Weblogs for Library News

:: A few days ago, the University of Alberta Libraries converted its library news page to a weblog. This is a relatively new use of blogs in academic libraries, and I think it's a good one. There are dozens of library-related blogs out there, but not too many being used to distribute news and information of interest to their users. Most of them exist for purposes of sharing news of interest to other librarians (like this one.)

Georgia State University Library uses a weblog for their library news, and also has a "sub-weblog", if you will, called Science News, for the science students and faculty at GSU. For those unfamiliar with blogs, GSU provides a page called "About Our Library Blogs", with definitions and background information for the interested searcher, a brilliant move, in anticipation of those who want more info on blogs. Doug Goans and Teri Vogel, both of GSU, have written a timely article in the Nov/Dec 2003 issue of Computers In Libraries, called "Building a Home for Library News with a BLOG, about the development of the GSU Library weblogs.

A few examples of other blogs being used as a news source in a science and technology library setting include the Rowland Institute Library Blog. The blog doesn't link back to the library (odd, really), but the library supports the Rowland Institute At Harvard, as it is officially known, in its work in experimental science over a broad range of disciplines. The news blog of the Engineering Library, University of Saskatchewan, is embedded into the library's home page.

The academic scitech library blogs mentioned above are the only ones indexed in the list of 71 organizational weblogs for libraries on the DMOZ site. Are there others out there?

April 17, 2003

EngLib -The Engineering Library Blog

Check out EngLib, an engineering library blog that has been up and running since early 2002.