June 3, 2005

What Do PAM and STS Members Read?

:: As posted by Joe Kraus to PAMNET and other discussion groups this morning:

What do PAM and STS members read?

That question is answered in the article:

Ortega, Lina and C.M. Brown. 2005. "Information Seeking Behavior of Physical Science Librarians: Does Research Inform Practice?" College and Research Libraries 66(3):231-247

Physical science librarians rely on personal communication and online discussion groups for information to enlighten their practice. Scholarly journals appear third on the list of resources used to inform daily activities and are used primarily to support information literacy instruction, subscription decisions, and their own research as well as to learn about best practices in other libraries. The preferred library and information studies journals publish virtually equal proportions of research and nonresearch articles, with the majority of research articles being reports of qualitative surveys without statistical analysis. The popular journals were not those most highly cited, nor were the research articles cited to a greater extent than the nonresearch articles. In essence, the experiences and opinions of colleagues and patrons were found to be of greater value to the practice of physical science librarianship than reports of original research.

April 27, 2005

Survey: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences and Technology Reference Tools

:: Diane Kovacs has posted the following message to a number of discussion lists, and is looking for input:

Dear Colleagues,
I've posted this survey to LIS-Scitech, STS-L, ELDNET-L, publib,
libref-l, LIS-LINK, DIG_REF, ERIL-L, Buslib-L, Govdoc-L, and
livereference. Please feel free to forward to your local or regional
discussion lists or individuals that might be interested:

Physical Sciences -
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology -

These are updates of the core reference surveys I've been doing every
other year or so. I will post the data I gather back to the lists I
post the surveys to for everyone to share. I am revising and will
post additional reference subject core tools surveys well.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful assistance.
Diane K. Kovacs, Web Teacher