October 28, 2004

Platinum Metals Review Available Free Online

:: Following up the previous post on the PMG Database, Dr Keith White, Editorial/Information Scientist, Platinum Metals Review, sent the following note regarding the journal:

Platinum Metals Review is free.

As from the July 2004 issue, Johnson Matthey's science journal Platinum Metals Review became an E-journal with the editorial team offering a free quarterly E-journal on the dedicated website:

Here you will find:

* Platinum Metals Review E-Journal: HTML and PDF versions from the October 2003 issue onwards.

* PGM Science Mine, in which you will find: Ask a Question, People and Organisation Directories, Links, Events Calendar and Recommended Reading.

Platinum Metals Review can also be accessed for free on IngentaConnect.

Thanks to Keith for this information.

October 27, 2004

PGM (Platinum Group Metals) Database Now Available

:: As posted by Keith White on CHMINF-L:

The PGM Database is now live. This database comprises the most comprehensive collection of physical, mechanical and chemical data for the platinum group metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium) and their alloys.


You can access information on more than 400 alloys, over 1000 diagrams and graphs with over 9000 referenced numerical data points, 60 phase diagrams of platinum group metals alloy systems and more than 600 separate pages of related data.

Software allows users to identify materials that meet specified physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Properties of materials are displayed in a user-friendly view, giving a comprehensive picture of a material and its capabilities.

The PGM Database
E: pgmdatabase AT matthey DOT com

June 7, 2004

Report from SLA 1

:: I am in Nashville attending the annual SLA conference. A few items of interest:

April 15, 2004

ASM Releases The Micrograph Center

:: ASM International - The Materials Information Society, has released the Micrograph Center, a new addition to their ASM Materials Information collection, which includes the ASM Handbooks Online and the ASM Alloy Center Online:

The Micrograph Center is a comprehensive collection of micrograph images and associated data. The emphasis of the collection is on micrographs for industrially important alloys. Information captured for each image includes material designation and composition, processing history, service history, metallographic preparation/technique, magnification, significance of the structures shown, selected materials properties data, and other relevant data.

September 3, 2003

Mixed-Bag Special

:: Walt Crawford, in the latest issue of Cites & Incites, v3, n11, Sept 2003, offers commentary and observation on open access, blogging, and provides a summary of his survey of DVD durability. Definitely worth a look.

:: Classes began today on our campus, as in the rest of the world. Here in the SciTech Library, we maintain a number of online resource guides (for example: botany, nutrition and food sciences, polar studies, and materials science and engineering.) In addition to showcasing different scitech library websites, I'd like to post links to subject resource guides from different libraries. We can always learn from our colleagues!

If you would like your resource guide(s) highlighted, please let us know (e-mail info is in the right hand column!).

:: EEVL is now providing improved access to industry news and job announcement news.

:: Today's home page comes from Radcliffe Library, The Science Department of the Bodleian Library at Oxford.