February 9, 2005

Google Launches a Map Service

:: From CNET News, word that Google has "quietly" launched a beta map service:

In its latest play in the ongoing search wars, Google on Tuesday quietly launched a beta site for a new map service.

Google Maps offers maps, driving directions and the ability to search for local businesses. The search giant appears to be working with TeleAtlas for the mapping products. Neither Google nor TeleAtlas could be reached for comment.

The service offers a few tweaks to standard mapping products. Someone using the service can click and drag the maps, instead of having to click and reload, for example, and magnified views of specific spots pop up in bubbles. The new map service supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers. It covers the United States, Puerto Rico and parts of Canada.

Any new online map functionality would be of interest to those of us in libraries covering geography, geology, civil engineering, to name a few. The library in which I work houses the second largest map collection in Canada.

June 29, 2004

National Air Photo Library (Canada) Announces NAPL Online

:: From an e-mail: The National Air Photo Library (NAPL) of the Mapping Services Branch,
Natural Resources Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of NAPL On-Line, an innovative web-based tool facilitating the search and retrieval of metadata for over 3 million aerial photographs covering all areas of Canada.

After registering for NAPL On-Line, clients may search for photos using several criteria, including official place name, geographical coordinates, National Topographic System map number, or Roll and Photo number. NAPL On-Line visually depicts the "footprint" of air photos on a seamless map background provided by the Centre for Topographic Information in Sherbrooke. After a search is completed, the air photos can be ordered from the National Air Photo Library.

Visit NAPL On-Line at: