June 1, 2006

IoP Librarian Insider

.: IoP's Librarian Insider Issue 7 is available.

October 24, 2005

Various Items of Interest

.: The latest .pdf edition of Walt Crawford's Cites & Incites, v5 n12 November 2005, is available.

.: Interesting piece from Inside Higher Education: A Call To Action Against Intelligent Design reports on the "state of the university" address by Cornell University’s interim president, Hunter R. Rawlings III, given last Friday. He calls upon faculty members across subject disciplines to involve themselves in public discussions regarding why intelligent design is both popular and incorrect.

.: Issue 5 of IOP's Librarian Insider is available (.pdf format.)

June 2, 2005

IoP Librarian Insider #4 Available, SLA and CLA Near

:: The latest issue of IoP's Librarian Insider, Issue 4, is available for viewing.

:: Next week I'll be in Toronto attending SLA, and the following week in Calgary attending CLA. At SLA, I'll be moderating the annual Standards Roundtable, this year featuring 12 invited speakers presenting the latest news and developments from their companies and organizations. I am on the DENG Board, and will attend three related Board meetings. Hope to see you in Toronto. In Calgary, I'm on a panel called Blogging & RSS: Applications & Technology, with Darlene Fichter, Aaron Schmidt, and Steven Cohen. See you in Calgary?

:: For a break from reality and for a good laugh or two, check out Grocery Store Wars.

March 21, 2005

EEVL adds CSA Hot Topics, Issue 3 of IoP's Librarian Insider Available

:: Roddy MacLeod wrote to advise that EEVL, The Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing, has added the CSA Hot Topics series to their site:

Hot Topics, which give access to in-depth reports on topical engineering and technology issues, have been added to EEVL, the Internet guide to engineering, mathematics and computing. The Hot Topics are freely available, and are provided through CSA.
:: Issue 3 of IoP's Librarian Insider is available via their website, or in .pdf format.

November 30, 2004

IoP's Librarian Insider #2 Now Available

:: The latest issue of Institute of Physics Publishing's Librarian Insider is now available. A link to the issue is also available on the IoP Librarians page.

September 28, 2004

IoP Announces Librarians' Newsletter

:: From an e-mail received today:

On behalf of Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP), I am pleased to announce the launch of our new librarians' newsletter, Librarian Insider.

Librarian Insider will be published on a quarterly basis and will feature updates on new developments, information on IOP services and interesting news stories. There will also be items of special interest and some free gifts available to readers.

Issue 1 of Librarian Insider is available in PDF format on the Librarians page
of our website at or link directly to the pdf at

Some of the items you will read about in the first issue include:

*NEW - Free Access to Review Articles
*NEW - RSS Feeds for Latest Papers
*FREE Services and Content: Information on services such as This Month's Papers, IOP Select, BEC Matters!, New Journal of Physics and Letters to the Editor
*Activating OpenURL links
*Branding for Libraries
*Free, collectible posters

We hope that you find the Librarian Insider newsletter informative and useful. If you have any comments or would like additional information, please feel free to email me at AT

I will send you an announcement by email when Issue 2 of Librarian Insider is published this winter. If you do not wish to be notified, please reply to this mail entering the word 'UNSUBSCRIBE' in the body of your email (please do not change the subject line). You will still be able to access the newsletter on our website even if you choose not to receive the notification.

Kind regards,
Laura Shaw
Product Manager
Institute of Physics Publishing AT