December 2, 2004

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, First Series

:: Reading through the December issue of Choice, I stumbled upon a rare gem of early American scientific publishing. Using an IMLS grant, the Ewell Sale Stewart Library of the Academy of Natural Sciences has digitized the entire first series of Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia.

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Fulltext First Series v1-8 (1817-1842)
ISSN: 0885-3479

The website provides details on the techniques used in the digitization in addition to the historical and scientific bounty of the journal proper. Whether one's research interests run to ornithology, entomology, ichthyology, or botany, American scientific luminaries of the first half of the 19th century wrote major pieces in this early giant of American scholarly communication. The article which caught my eye initially is John James Audubon's prospectus for his monumental Birds of North America. - George Porter

May 5, 2004

PSIGate Offers RSS Feeds

:: Teri Vogel notes the following in an e-mail:

PSIGate has recently added RSS feeds for the new records they add to their collection. There are feeds for each subject (astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, policy and materials), plus a feed if you want to keep up with the latest additions regardless of subject.

PSIgate (Physical Sciences Information Gateway), part of the Resource Discovery Network, selects and annotates quality Web resources in the physical sciences.

Teri Vogel contributes to Science News, a "library weblog for the science faculty and students at Georgia State University."

January 30, 2004

The Year 1000: A Legacy of Science & Technology

:: The Year 1000: A Legacy of Science & Technology, is a new online exhibition from the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology.

    "Sometimes when people think about the year 1000, they think of a time of darkness and chaos for civilization. In fact, the turning of the first millennium was a time of marvelous change. This time period marks the turning point towards High Medieval civilization with individuals and societies around the world making contributions to science, technology and culture. The exchange of goods between China, India and the Islamic world brought with it the exchange of ideas and inventions.

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