March 7, 2006

George Porter: Society Publishers & The Developing World

.: This week the Royal Society of Chemistry announced their decision to provide free access to 150+ years of primary chemical literature to 53 developing countries. The announcement caused me to ponder the potential conflict between the primary mission of scientific societies (advancement and promotion of science) and the limited access major society publishers have (or are perceived to have) provided without exacting an access toll.

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January 4, 2006

Punch List of Best Practices for Electronic Resources - Engineering Libraries Division of ASEE

.: For those attending ALA Midwinter in San Antonio later this month (this does not include me - how do people afford to go to multiple conferences each year?), please note the following, as posted on STS-L:

The Science & Technology Section (STS), Publishers/Vendors Relations Discussion Group will be hosting a discussion on "Best Practices for Electronic Resources". The focus will be the Punchlist of Best Practices for Electronic Resources prepared by Engineering Libraries Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. This is the first time that this document will feature in a public forum.
In a subsequent post on STS-L, Mel deSart stresses the importance of receiving feedback from as many interested parties as possible:
On behalf of ASEE's Engineering Libraries Division, and as one of the original group of seven ELDers who created the Punch List, please be assured that we want as many librarians, publishers, vendors, etc. as possible to review and comment on the PL (see the comment form on the Punch List web page...). We very much believe this document is, and will continue to be, a work in progress. As conditions in the electronic publishing industry change, the Punch List will be adapted to address those changes, encouraging and supporting what we collectively believe to be best practices in particular areas.

And to make sure that happens, in a decision at this past summer's ASEE conference, ELD elected to spin off what had been the ad hoc task force that created the Punch List into an ongoing Scholarly Communication Committee. That 15 person committee, which I was asked to initially chair, will be working, via subgroups, on a number of projects, with the ongoing refining and enhancing of the PL being one of them. More info about that committee and our activities, some of which we believe will be of interest to STS members, will be posted to STS-L and elsewhere sometime after the first of the year (and presumably before Midwinter).
I'm looking forward to the PL discussion in the session at San Antonio.

October 28, 2004

Platinum Metals Review Available Free Online

:: Following up the previous post on the PMG Database, Dr Keith White, Editorial/Information Scientist, Platinum Metals Review, sent the following note regarding the journal:

Platinum Metals Review is free.

As from the July 2004 issue, Johnson Matthey's science journal Platinum Metals Review became an E-journal with the editorial team offering a free quarterly E-journal on the dedicated website:

Here you will find:

* Platinum Metals Review E-Journal: HTML and PDF versions from the October 2003 issue onwards.

* PGM Science Mine, in which you will find: Ask a Question, People and Organisation Directories, Links, Events Calendar and Recommended Reading.

Platinum Metals Review can also be accessed for free on IngentaConnect.

Thanks to Keith for this information.