March 29, 2006

Scopus and EBSCOHost Add RSS

.: I am back from the ACS Conference in Atlanta. My presentation was kindly received by those in attendance for an eight-speaker session that began at 08:00 on a Sunday morning!

.: Nice to see that Ebsco has released RSS feeds for search questions, as well as a visual search function, as reported in The Distant Librarian. While it's nice to see another database offer a function that EV2 has had since July 2005, EBSCO has buried the feeds within its Search Alert function, and it requires a 17-step procedure to set it up, which is a bit clunky. EV2 puts the RSS alongside a search as it develops, making for a quick c&p into an RSS reader.

Scopus is about to release RSS feeds as well, apparently on April 5th, 2006. More information here.