September 13, 2005

OA Geosciences Journal Enters Top 50% in ISI Essential Indicators

:: George Porter forwarded information regarding the rapid ascent of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics into the top 50% of journals in its field, according to an article the August 2005 issue of in-Cites. When asked how he accounts for the increased citation rate of the journal he edits, Chief Executive Editor Dr. Ulrich Pöschl noted the following:

The high and increasing citation rates of ACP are certainly due to multiple reasons, most of which are related to the advantages of its interactive open access journal concept (freely accessible two-stage publications with public peer review and interactive discussion as detailed on the journal website*). We think that the following aspects are most important:
  1. free internet accessibility of all articles (open access publishing);
  2. rapid dissemination of novel scientific results as discussion papers on the ACPD website (minimum time from submission to publication on the order of one week);
  3. public documentation of the review process (quality assurance) and availability of complementary information in fully citable interactive comments from the referees, authors, and other interested scientists, which have not been publicly available in traditional scientific journals; and
  4. top quality and information density of the final papers published in ACP after revision and peer review completion in view of the interactive public discussion, including referee comments like in the traditional closed peer review process plus the input from other interested scientists