June 7, 2005

ENGnetBASE To Double In Size, SciTech Bloggers Converge at The Steam Whistle

:: At the SLA Conference in Toronto today, I visited with representatives of CRC Press, who advised that ENGnetBASE, the flagship full-text engineering handbook db of CRC Press, will expand in size in July. Currently at 298 titles, approximately 375 new engineering-related titles will be added to the db in July. The titles will be from Dekker and Taylor & Francis, as well as a number of CRC Press titles.

CRCnetBASE representatives also advised that if your library currently subscribes to six different CRCnetBASE products, subscriptions to additional netBASE dbs can be added for US$1000 each.

:: Also of note, tonight at a reception at the Steam Whistle Brewery, I finally met fellow Canadian engineering librarian blogger Catherine Lavalée-Welch, who recently moved to Florida. Also at the reception were a number of other scitech bloggers, including John Dupuis, Teri Vogel, and Christina Pikas. A number of group digital photos were taken with Christina's camera, including this one.

March 17, 2005

Reviews of Full-Text Handbook-Type Collections

:: On ELDNET-L (I can't link to the post), Kate Thomes asks:

Hi everyone. I know this topic has been discussed on ELDnet before, but my library system was not dealing much with the issues at the time and I do not find a record of the discussion in my files.

I would like to know if folks have assessed the relative merits of various ebook services including Referex, EngNetBase, Kluwer Online Reference Works, knovel, etc.

Does anyone have an ELDnet discussion summary of this topic, or have specific experiences and opinions they'd like to share with me?

If you have comments, Kate can be reached at Bevier Engineering Library, U Pittsburgh, at 412-624-9620 or kthomes+ AT pitt DOT edu.

I thought it would be interesting to see what reviews of some of these products are "out there", so did a quick web search, and found a few:

I searched archives of Free Pint, Charleston Advisor, E-STREAMS, Péter's Digital Reference Shelf, but couldn't find much else, which means I've probably missed a few.