May 31, 2005

Information Today: "Google Library Project Hit by Copyright Challenge from University Presses"

:: From Information Today comes word of the first challenge of copyright violation by Google regarding the Google Print Library Project. Barbara Quint, the author of the article, notes that the challenge is coming from the nonprofit university presses:

May 31, 2005 — Some might say it had to happen. Extending the Google Print program to the digitization of five of the world’s largest university research libraries, including copyrighted as well as non-copyrighted material, would inevitably seem to lead to a challenge of copyright violation. Oddly enough, the challenge has come from the less commercial publishers—the nonprofit university presses. On May 20, Peter Givler, executive director of the Association of American University Presses (AAUP;, an organization with 125 member publishers, sent a letter to Alexander Macgillivray, Google’s house counsel for intellectual property. The letter challenged Google to defend its position on what would appear on the surface as a massive copyright violation and infringement on publishers’ rights and revenues. However, in researching this story, the issue of author copyrights has emerged as a possible major factor.
The full article is here.