May 9, 2006

TechXtra - A New Resource for Searching in Engineering, Mathematics, and Computing

.: Roddy MacLeod, Senior Subject Librarian at Heriot Watt U in Edinbugh, sent the following press release announcing TexhXtra (pronounced Tech-Extra) a new initiative from the creators of the Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library, EEVL, which itself is about to undergo a major change. From the press release:

TechXtra suite of free services simplifies access to technology information

Finding technology information just became easier!

TechXtra is a suite of ten freely available services which simplify access to a multitude of different types of technology information from a host of different sources.

TechXtra facilitates immediate access to the freely available full-text content of hundreds of thousands of eprints, technical reports, theses, articles, news items, job announcements and more. In cases where the full-text is not freely available, TechXtra provides links to vendors for pay-per-view options. TechXtra searches a combination of digital repositories, journal databases, technical reports servers, web information, news sources and more, all with a focus on technology information.

Anyone looking for information in technology will find TechXtra useful, especially researchers, academics, students and practitioners.

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March 8, 2005

Theory of Computing -- New OA journal

:: As posted by George Porter to PAMNET-L (and other listservs): Theory of Computing (ToC) is based at the University of Chicago Department of Computer Science, with mirrors at IIT Kanpur, SzTAKI, Budapest, and KTH, Stockholm. ToC cites the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (EJC) as the source of its publishing model. Considering that EJC recently has been added to ISI's Web of Science, this seems like a reasonable choice of role models. In addition, ToC has a separately published section, Quantum Computing.

Theory of Computing is the second of two Open Access journals specializing in theoretical computer science which were inspired by the editorial board revolt at the Journal of Algorithms. [For background on the Journal of Algorithms kerfuffle, consider reading Commentary: The Crisis In Scholarly Communication and Journal of Algorithms Fallout Getting Noticed, Stanford U Takes Stand Against "Pricey Journals] Both are overlay journals, utilizing the Computing Research Repository (CoRR), the computer science portion of arXiv.

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February 28, 2005

ACM Launches New Journal

:: As reported by George Porter on PAMNET and elsewhere: ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP) has debuted in the ACM Digital Library. TOMCCAP is one of eight titles originally announced by the ACM for introduction in 2004.

Other titles from that announcement which haven't launched yet are:
  • ACM Transactions on Algorithms (TALG)
  • ACM Transactions on Emerging Technologies in Computing (TETC)
  • ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN)>
- George Porter

November 19, 2004

EEVL Announces New Subject Specific Ejournal Search Engines

:: Four new search engines, indexing freely available e-journals published in computing science, engineering, mathematics, and all three subjects together, are now available from EEVL, the "Internet Guide to Engineering, Mathematics and Computing." The four engines are:

A list of the journals indexed is here.

When looking for information of higher quality and utility, users are being offered more options to search the 'net than just Googling. These include EEVL's new search engines, Google Scholar, RedLightGreen, the Yahoo! toolbar with OCLC WorldCat searching capabilities, along with Scirus.

October 14, 2004

Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science

:: On PAMNET, A Ben Wagner asks the following regarding the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series:

Here at the University at Buffalo, we are considering investing in electronic access to entire Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science that includes Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics. This large series has 200-300 titles per year published so it would be a major commitment. We buy many of these in print, but would probably go e-only from this point on.

I would be interested in hearing about anyone's experience who has subscribed to this resource online. Feel free to contact me off-list. I will send a summary of responses to the list while maintaining anonymity of individual institutions.

-- A. Ben Wagner
Sciences Librarian
University at Buffalo
The State University of New York
abwagner AT buffalo DOT edu

Here at the U of Alberta, we are hoping to begin a subscription to this series as soon as possible, as it is the Number One request from our local comp sci department.

:: Issue 5.8 of ACS's LiveWire is now available.

June 7, 2004

Report from SLA 1

:: I am in Nashville attending the annual SLA conference. A few items of interest:

May 19, 2004

What's New @ IEEE in Computing, May 2004


1. Aiding Seniors: From Mainframe Healthcare to Personal Wellness (and
2. Try the New Full-Text Search Prototype in Latest IEEE Xplore Release
3. DNA Computers Work as "Smart Drugs"
4. In the Eye of The Beholder: IEEE Spectrum Reports
5. New Standard Offers Systems Approach to Computer Battery Reliability
6. Budapest to Host Conferences on Fuzzy Systems and Neural Networks
7. New Web Page Helps Researchers Purchasing Articles Through IEEE Xplore
8. PERCOM Proceedings Address Seamless Mobility
9. 2005 IEEE Election Candidates Revealed
10. Zero or One: Just the Beginning?
11. Backscatter: The Collyers and the Web

May 4, 2004

IBM Journals Available Online

:: In the long tradition of major corporate research operations publishing journals of their own results (think Bell Labs Technical Journal), IBM has been publishing peer reviewed in-house research for almost 50 years. For the last seven years or so, this literature has been freely distributed via the Internet.

IBM Journal of Research & Development
Fulltext v41+ (1997+); Tables of contents and Abstracts v38+ (1994+); ISSN: 0018-8646

IBM Systems Journal
Fulltext v35(3/4)+ (July 1996+); Tables of contents and Abstracts v33+ (1994+); ISSN: 0018-8670

- George Porter

April 28, 2004



Read this issue online:

1. IEEE Scores Victory for Scholarly Publishing with OFAC Ruling
2. Study Shows IEEE Journals Priced 39% Below Market Average
3. Journal Explores Link Between Music and Engineering
4. Attending SLA? Sign Up for IEEE Breakfast
5. New Proceedings Address Latest on Optical Technologies
6. Context Information Helps Solve Data Quality Problems
7. Hot Off the Press: Guide to Intellectual Property Law
8. Digital Libraries Conference Coming in June
9. National Electrical Safety Code Archive Collected on CD-ROM
10. Conference Calls for Papers Listed at New IEEE Web Page
11. 3-D Scanners Measure Up: IEEE Spectrum Reports
12. Getting to Know Your Customers
13. "Hidden Data" -- What Can It Reveal?

January 26, 2004

C.S. Daily: Computer Science Daily News

Somewhere in my travels I came across C.S. Daily: Computer Science Daily News, which looks and sounds like a good idea for a site, assuming it can gather some momentum. Postings look a bit sporadic, although the most recent entry is from January 23, 2004.

CSDaily is a Computer Science news site aiming to provide useful information for Computer Science professionals, researchers, students, and instructors. Its focus is on technology and information that can be applied.

December 17, 2003

New Version of NetLibrary to Launch in January 2004

eBook News:

netLibrary 2004 is coming soon! Based on recent usability testing and customer feedback, we have re-engineered our site to provide you and your patrons with improved reliability, greater performance, a more intuitive interface, and non-English language capability. With literally hundreds of enhancements, netLibrary 2004 offers the tools and resources you need to enhance the services you provide existing patrons and reach out to non-native speakers, users with disabilities and more. [via Resource Shelf]

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