October 13, 2007

Cindi Trainor and the Changing Face of Libraries

.: Props to WebJunction, the "online community for library staff", for its current feature on colleague and friend Cindi Trainor from EKU Libraries. WJ's Member Spotlight feature this month is Cindi Trainor and the Changing Face of Libraries. I met Cindi in Minneapolis in 1999, and since then have been influenced by her astute and timely observations of what we do in librarianship, in areas such as the uses and applications of social software such as Flickr and Facebook (not to mention her undying love of U2). Usually I am not aware of her impact on me until after it happened - I'll be working on something, a project, article, blog post, whatever, and realize well after the fact that some aspect of it was based on something I read on Chronicles of Bean, or in an e-mail or IM from Cindi. Regardless, the WebJunction piece is a welcome tribute to an unheralded mover-and-shaker in our profession.

One point in the article that hit home with me was Cindi's assertion that it's time for technology to move from being the responsibility of a few to become a focus of everyone working in a library. She notes:

"It's critical to connect staff to the systems that their customers use," she says, "so that those who listen to user suggestions and experience user frustrations are empowered to improve these technological tools either directly or through collaboration with our vendors." Many library vendors have begun implementing technologies that enable user feedback and content portability; libraries must apply these same principles to their services in order to evolve.
Congratulations on this article, Cindi! :-)