April 15, 2008

SciFinder Scholar To Be Available Online? Will Pigs Fly? Will The Cubs Win the WS This Year?

.: I just about fell out of my chair when I read this in the Information Today Weekly News Digest:

CAS Offering Web Access to SciFinder

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, announced that it now offers web access to its SciFinder research tool. The web version is designed for situations where web access is preferred and is a convenient option to the powerful client version that is used in corporate, academic, and government organizations around the world.

This new platform is especially designed for the web and does not simply duplicate the look and feel of the current SciFinder product. The newest SciFinder experience will be offered to an expanding set of commercial, government, and academic users as the product launch proceeds throughout the year.

Scientists use SciFinder to explore research topics, browse scientific journals, and stay up-to-date on the latest scientific developments. More information about the newest version of SciFinder can be found at View a demo at

March 31, 2006

CAS Registry Adds Property Data, Spectra And Spectra References

.: From the CAS Press Release:

"Nearly 1.1 billion predicted and experimental properties, tags that refer to additional data and spectra have been added to CAS Registry records for 19 million substances...

... CAS Registry database reached a total of over 27 million organic and inorganic substance records in 2005. The database has been enhanced with the addition of experimental NMR and IR spectra from Wiley Subscriptions and Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

After retrieving a CAS Registry record (e.g. Benzene), click on 'experimental properties'.

Randy attended the SciFinder Scholar Q&A at the ACS Meeting in Atlanta last Sunday, where the accouncements were made, including:

  • CASREACT® now includes >10,000,000 reactions
  • 981,000 abstracts were added in 2005
  • the following experimental spectra have been added to CAS Registry: 142,000 NMR, 28,000 IR, 19,000 Mass
  • 150,000,000th citation was added in January 2006
  • CAS Registry now includes >27,000,000 organic and inorganic substance records
SciFinder Scholar staff confirmed that work is beginning on a web-based format for SciFinder Scholar, and that consideration is being given to requested features such as the option to e-mail search results. No specific date has been set for when this will happen.

- Dana Roth and Randy Reichardt