February 28, 2006

Upgrades to the CSA Illumina Platform

.: CSA is upgrading its Illumina platform to include the following new features:

Improved organization of search results
Search results now have an initial selection of tabs for "Published Works," "Scholars," and "Web Sites" with additional selections available under "Published Works."

Improved author profile presentation
Scholar profiles can be filtered using the academic Community Tree to find scholars working in specific fields.

The upgrades were to happen in February, which is over in a few hours. As far as I can tell, the Illumina platform hasn't changed to include them yet.

July 18, 2005

CSA Launches Multisearch

:: As reported by Paula Hane at InfoToday, CSA has launched its new federated search program, MultiSearch:

July 5, 2005 — In a move that illustrates the growing library demand for federated search solutions, CSA ( has partnered with MuseGlobal ( to launch MultiSearch. The new federated search capability operates within the CSA Illumina framework and provides connectors for more than 2,000 target sources. Targets may be Web servers, Z39.50 servers, XML gateways, SQL, or other information sources. Federated searching solves the problems of multiple interfaces, many different search engines, multiple databases, and multiple search results. CSA MultiSearch provides a unified framework for accessing multiple resources.

CSA MultiSearch provides single sign-on for authenticated access to sources, hiding the complexity of searching multiple repositories. MultiSearch, which uses the CSA Illumina interface, offers a Google-like search box. A pull-down menu lets users select databases by subject. The service provides organized, integrated results. The merged results set presents the top citations from each database searched (the default is 10 from each, but this can be customized). Users can request additional results and can choose to “remove duplicates” and examine or hide the set of duplicates as desired. The service then provides full-text linking to results using any OpenURL resolver. MultiSearch provides direct links to the native source for further searching, viewing, and browsing.

December 20, 2004

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts Announces CSA Illumina

:: From the CSA Press Release:

CSA Illumina Debuts
New platform offers state of the art Web-based bibliographic and full-text searching

BETHESDA, Maryland, USA (16 December 2004) -- CSA has just released CSA Illumina, its new platform for online bibliographic and full-text searching.

“CSA Illumina is the result of more than 18 months of planning and development,” said Matt Dunie, president of CSA. “Our customers and users have told us what they want, and CSA Illumina delivers it.”

CSA Illumina features a totally re-designed user interface as well as enhanced search capabilities. Other notable enhancements include:

    * Easier to use “Quick Search”
    * Improved navigation
    * Improved integration of help files
    * Online tutorials
    * New custom default options
    * Multi-language interface options
    * Search Tools including Combined Search
    * Dynamic de-duplication of records with show/hide duplicates option
    * Hyper-linked descriptor terms for quick execution of new search queries
    * QuikBib bibliography creator
    * New library administration module
    * Improved linking capabilities
    * ADA and SENDA compliance

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