November 13, 2006

Biomicrofluidics — AIP's First Open Access journal

Biomicrofluidics is the first Open Access journal published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). The online-only journal provides an interdisciplinary, rapid-publication environment for the dissemination of research from diverse fields, including engineering, physics, materials science, chemistry, and biology. From the press release:

Organized into four issues per year, Biomicrofluidics will publish each article online in final citable form as soon as it is available. The journal will cover topics such as DNA and molecular manipulation, microfluidics and nanofluidics, wetting and nano-rheology, drop and digitated platform, electrokinetics and magneto-hydrodynamics, pathogen and molecular concentration, and separation and sorting devices.

Biomicrofluidics -- Fulltext v1+ (2007+); ISSN: 1932-1058.

April 20, 2006

Biointerphases - New Open Access Journal

.: Biointerphases has published its first issue, March 2006. Biointerphases is published by AVS, formerly the American Vacuum Society, and hosted by the American Institute of Physics.

Topics Include… •Interface spectroscopy •In vivo mechanisms •In vitro mechanisms •Interface modeling •Adhesion phenomena •Protein-surface interactions •Biomembranes on a chip •Cell-surface interactions •Biosensors / biodiagnostics •Bio-surface modification •The nano-bio interface •Biotribology / Biorheology •Molecular recognition •Cell patterning for function •Polyelectrolyte surfaces •Ambient diagnostic methods

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July 27, 2004

Major Biochemistry/Biophysics Journals Coming to PubMed Central

:: George Porter reports the following in an e-mail sent to a number of listservs this morning:

PubMed Central has some major treats in store for science libraries and the users of scientific literature in the coming months.

Biochemical Journal is the flagship publication of the Biochemical Society. Although the Biochemical Journal's website mentions 'Free online archive', I cannot locate any statement regarding the free portion of the archive. Biochemical Journal will be added to PubMed Central through the JISC/Wellcome Trust Medical Journals Backfiles Digitization Project . I infer from the description at the Wellcome Library that the material published in a calendar year is to be released for free access in January of the following year.

Biophysical Journal is the primary journal of the Biophysical Society. The journal's archives at HighWire Press are freely available after a twelve month embargo. The retrodigitization of Biophysical Journal is part of PubMed
Central's ongoing backfile scanning project.

Biochemical Journal
Fulltext v313+ (1996+) [by subscription]
Print ISSN: 0264-6021 | Online ISSN: 1470-8728

Biophysical Journal
Fulltext v74+ (1998+) 1 year moving wall
Print ISSN: 0006-3495 | Online ISSN: 1542-0086

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