March 30, 2006

Scirus Improvements

.: Please welcome Dana Roth as an "official" contributor to STLQ:

  • While I was initially very negative about Scirus, they seem to be adding content, although they are heavily weighted to Medline/PubMed, Science Direct and a few society publishers (e.g. IOP, IUC, Scitation) for their journal sources coverage. They have added the Caltech Collection of Open Digital Archives (Caltech CODA) to their web sources.
  • Scirus provides grouping of results via keywords in context. For example, try 'zzyzx' as a search term. In the right margin there is an option to "Refine your search using these keywords found in the results"
  • Scirus index surpasses 250 million mark

    The Scirus index now contains over 250 million scientifically relevant Web pages. This includes pages found on government sites, academic websites, preprint servers, digital archives, repositories and patent and journal databases ..." For more information about Scirus' content sources" click:

  • Grouping of results per source in Scirus

    Building on its existing feature to view results per general content type (Journal sources, Preferred Web sources and general Web), Scirus now offers the ability to ... ("View all results from...") ... for all Journal and Preferred Web results (including repository search partners and patents). "

    **For example: each Medline/PubMed reference offers the choice "view all ... results from MEDLINE/PubMed"

January 30, 2004

The Year 1000: A Legacy of Science & Technology

:: The Year 1000: A Legacy of Science & Technology, is a new online exhibition from the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology.

    "Sometimes when people think about the year 1000, they think of a time of darkness and chaos for civilization. In fact, the turning of the first millennium was a time of marvelous change. This time period marks the turning point towards High Medieval civilization with individuals and societies around the world making contributions to science, technology and culture. The exchange of goods between China, India and the Islamic world brought with it the exchange of ideas and inventions.

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January 28, 2004

Web Sites of Interest

:: A couple of web sites discovered via the EEVL catalogue and the EEVL Current Awareness Service:

    E-STREAMS publishes "electronic reviews of science & technology references covering engineering, agriculture, medicine and science. Each issue contains 30+ STM reviews, covering new titles in Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine and Science. Each review is signed, and includes the email address of the reviewer. The reviews feature short TOCs, a list of contributors and bibliographic information."

    Technology History: "An annotated collection of links to some of the history of technology, including little-known subsites buried on many well-known commercial sites." Coverage on computers and internet, aerospace, and telecommunications.

December 23, 2003

OUP and continuous online publication model

:: Back in August we posted about OUP's move towards experimenting with new online publishing model. A few more details have been released.

Oxford University Press is pleased to announce that Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) is adopting a continuous online publication model. The key aim of this new model is to ensure the fastest possible online publication time for accepted papers. The online version of the journal will be the definitive and final version, but a print version will continue to be available to print subscribers.

If your institution subscribes to NAR, you may be interested to know about the various implications for users of the journal. If so, please visit for details. [via OUP Journals Library E-Mail Lis]

Yours faithfully

Claire Saxby
Journals Editorial Department
Oxford University Press

November 27, 2003

New Web Sites of Interest

:: New and interesting web sites, featuring descriptions from the EEVL Catalogue.

    Ethics in Computing. "Ethics in Computing is a guide to topics such as privacy, intellectual property, computer abuse, commerce, social justice and speech issues. It also covers basic ethical issues such as whistle-blowing. The site has annotated links to useful sites, which include case studies, articles and news stories, and provides a study guide and discussion questions."

    EngNet Engineering Directory. "EngNetŪ is a directory, search engine, and buyers guide service aimed specifically at the engineering industry enabling them to source engineering products, services, and companies. The directory can be searched and browsed by products, companies, or brandnames. A glossary of terminology, technical information and design tools are also provided."

    eFluids. "eFluids is a speciality web portal designed to serve as a one-stop web information resource for anyone working in the areas of flow engineering, fluid mechanics research, education and directly related topics. The site contains an events listing, and also a gallery of fluid flow images. In addition, an education section lists tutorials, educational tools and materials, and students competitions, as well as departments, laboratories and institutes and centres. Further sections cover publications, a buyers guide (and brief glossary), jobs, who's who, companies and vendors, research, professional societies and consultants. Links to sites of related interest are also provided."

November 10, 2003

Science Photography

A very interesting image found via The Daily Trudge:

All the Water and Air in the World, a clever conceptual image by Dr Adam Nieman that reveals what would happen if the world's water or air were lumped together in a sphere over Europe – was another obvious winner. "When we first saw this mo... [The daily trudge]

October 1, 2003

Interview with Tim Berners-Lee

:: Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing the world wide web in 1989. He shares his ideas of a more "intelligent" web in this interview from the BBC.

:: Today's website is from the Life Sciences Libraries at the University of British Columbia. Today's resource guide is "Agriculture: Guide to Library Resources & Information" from Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library, U Tennessee.

August 5, 2003

EEVL News and Enhancements

:: Roddy MacLeod sends word about the latest news from EEVL, available in the current issue of Ariadne. Thanks, Roddy.

July 5, 2003 Adopts a Blogging Model

:: An interesting entry from Sitelines mentions that, historically one of my favorite subject-based portal sites, has adopted a blogging model based somewhat on MT, changing the appearance of each subject page. See examples here and here. RSS is available on the pages that have converted to the blog format.

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May 28, 2003

Sci/Tech Web Awards 2003

Scientific American has announced its Sci/Tech Web Awards 2003. Fifty sites were chosen from ten different subject categories. Winners from 2002 and 2001 are also available. (From: Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends)

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