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ICIS Chemical Business Updates Its August 2006 Bulk Chemical Prices

.: Good news to those of us who need access to current bulk chemical prices. Simon Robinson of ICIS Chemical Business in London confirmed in an e-mail today that 62 of the chemical prices on the 26 August 2006 list of indicative chemical prices, which was the last full list of bulk chemical prices published by ICIS in the final issue of Chemical Market Reporter, have been updated to reflect 2008 prices. Simon writes:

...we have managed to give updated prices on 62 materials in the list, which is effectively all of the prices that we cover in that list now. Our portfolio of pricing information is rather more focused on the petrochemicals sector than the fine and specialty businesses, especially since the merger of ICIS Chemical Business Americas and Europe into a single publication.

One of the features of the new list is that several prices are quoted over quite wide ranges. This is because there have been considerable variations in the price of a number of oil-based commodities. It might add a little verisimilitude to your students’ projections of profitability to see if they can find the minimum price at which their processes are profitable.

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