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ICIS To Update August 2006 Bulk Chemical Prices

.: This morning I was in conversation with Simon Robinson of ICIS Connect, regarding the state of ICIS' historical bulk chemical prices from the 28 August 2006 (and final) issue of Chemical Market Reporter, now known simply as ICIS Chemical Business. My concern was twofold: 1) would ICIS continue to maintain this list and make it available to users everywhere, especially the thousands of chemical engineering students requiring these prices for their design projects, and 2) would some of the prices be updated to reflect 2008 prices, where available?

Simon confirmed both my concerns: the prices will remain, and ICIS will be working to update the chemicals to give indicative prices for 2008 where available. This is great news to those of us who work with students in chemical and materials engineering, who will be requiring access to such prices for their forthcoming design projects.

For those interested in the STLQ discussion thread involving ICIS and Chemical Market Reporter, all the posts can be found here. I am very pleased that ICIS remains committed to maintaining this price list, which is absolutely invaluable to students and faculty working in chemical engineering design classes.

Also of note is the actual ICIS Connect site itself. The site includes Forums, one of which is for Students. Students can post a question under headings such as, "I Need Help With ..." There is also a section, called "Downloads" (for now, anyway), in which documents of interest from many different categories can be downloaded for use, and users can also upload documents of potential use and interest to other users of the site. The term "Downloads" needs to be changed to better reflect the content of that part of the site, and Simon is working on a number of upgrades to ICIS Connect, including rebranding some of the content.

In order to make ICIS Connect successful and of use and value to our chemical engineering students, we need to publicize it, and encourage them to make use of the resources there.

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