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April 20, 2007

SAE Publications Board Does A 180 Regarding Its Digital Library DRM and Licencing Issues

.: I am happy to report the following news. I was on the phone a few moments ago with a reliable contact here at the University of Alberta, who returned today from attending the SAE Congress in Detroit this week. According to my source (who remains anonymous until the "official" word gets out), the SAE Publications Board heard from many of its academic members regarding the SAE Digital Library (DL). A number of professors read SAE the Riot Act regarding both its airtight DRM restrictions as well as the DL licensing options, which are currently based on the estimated number of downloads per year. Having been made aware of how restrictive these policies are to its members and customers working in educational settings, SAE has apparently recognized the error of its ways.

As a result of the concerns brought forward by some of its membership, the word is that SAE has committed to rescinding its DRM policy, and change its licencing options to allow for an unrestricted number of downloaded papers and standards per educational site. Potentially this could happen within the next few weeks.

That is what I know so far. Stay tuned.

April 14, 2007

A Wee Bit of Time Off

.: I have been away for a while, in San Francisco to attend a meeting at the Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society, and am taking a few days off in Victoria BC. I'll get back to blogging soon, but it will continue to be sporadic at best. In the office, we are in the midst of a wholesale move, splitting the staff onto a couple floors while renovations begin on the first floor of our library. Stay tuned. - Randy