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George Porter and Caltech Libraries: Growth of the CODA Repositories

.: George Porter, Technical Reference Librarian at Caltech's Sherman Fairchild Library and sometimes-contributor to this blog, is featured in a recent article in News and Updates from Caltech Library Services. Specifically, his work on the Caltech Collection of Online Digital Archives (CODA). Excerpt:

The Caltech Collection of Online Digital Archives (CODA) has been receiving a lot of publicity in the Open Access Authoring @ Caltech blog site (http://oacaltech.blogspot.com/). This is partly due to the increase of faculty and student awareness and interest in the on-line availability of research material.

When asked to give a brief description of CODA, George Porter, a Technical Reference Librarian in the Sherman Fairchild Library for the last 9 years, first responded that CODA is a number of things. It is primarily a digital collection of all Caltech authored technical reports, books, conference papers, and oral histories from the Caltech archives, as well as a repository for Caltech dissertations and electronic theses (ETD’s). The repository was launched in 2000, and as of 9/5/06 we have 2,884 dissertations on file. It has been mandatory, since 2003, for all graduate students to submit their theses electronically.

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