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Using the Engineering Literature - Edited by Bonnie Osif

.: The new book, Using the Engineering Literature, edited by Bonnie A Osif, has finally appeared, and it is a title you will want to add to your engineering reference collections. For novice engineering librarians, it is a must read.

Before I continue, I need to preface any and all remarks made here with the following disclosure: I am the author of one of the chapters in the book, "Petroleum Engineering and Refining", and my good friend and fellow U of Alberta engineering librarian, Mr Jerry Kowalyk, is the author of the chapter, "Mining Engineering". (In fact, a number of good friends and colleagues contributed other chapters as well!) As a result, my enthusiasm for this volume is quite subjective, but that said, I must report that this is a work of critical importance to the field of engineering librarianship.

At 614 pages, Using the Engineering Literature covers a lot of ground. It is divided into 20 chapters, and offers extensive detail and coverage of the following topics and disciplines: general engineering resources, aeronautical and aerospace engineering, agricultural and food engineering, architectural engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, engineering education, environmental engineering, history of engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering, mining engineering, nuclear engineering, petroleum engineering and refining, and transportation engineering.

I hope to return with another post soon, with further details and a brief review. I want to congratulate Bonnie for her support, encouragement, and brilliant editing and indexing, and for putting up with (way too) many e-mails from me asking when the book would be published. As well, the most heartfelt and well-deserved congratulations to fellow friends and colleagues who contributed chapters to this seminal work. It does feel good to be able to give something back to this great profession. - Randy

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