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Scopus Author Identifier - New Feature

.: Scopus sent an e-mail today announcing a new feature on the db called Scopus Author Identifier:

We are pleased to announce a major new feature to Scopus - the Scopus Author Identifier.
The Scopus Author Identifier helps solve one of the biggest problems associated with author searching:
  • How do you distinguish between articles belonging to one author and those belonging to other authors with similar names?
  • How can you be confident that your search has captured all results for an author when their name is recorded in different ways? And, can you be sure that names with unusual characters such as accents have been included?
The Scopus Author Identifier does the hard work for your researchers by automatically matching variations of an author’s name and distinguishing between authors with the same name. It’s the only database that takes the guesswork out of author searching on such a large scale. The Author Identifier will be activated on the 13th May.

What are the benefits to your users?
  • Accuracy*: Users can be confident in the accuracy of their results even if they don’t know exactly how the author’s name is formatted. They can easily see the right authors, matched with other variants of the same name.
  • Speed: Your users can be sure they’ve found the right author without having to check each individual full-text article.
  • Convenience: Users can quickly and easily access a one-page overview of all of an author’s publications, citations and co-authors.
*Note: In the first release of this significant functionality we have been careful to avoid incorrectly assigning documents to authors. Documents with insufficient data to make an accurate match may be separately listed in your search results. We will continue to match documents as more data becomes available and in addition have provided a feedback link on the Author Details page that can be used to let us know of any amendments.

More Information

For a step-by-step "Getting Started Guide" and an overview demo about the Scopus Author Identifier, please go to www.info.scopus.com/authoridentifier

If you have any questions, please contact your local helpdesk at http://www.info.scopus.com/contactus/

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