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SPIE Newsroom

.: I'm behind in reporting this, but SPIE has launched a new industry and technical news source called SPIE Newsroom. SPIE offers e-mail alerts, but on a monthly basis only. I like the "newsroom" idea, it makes good sense. But a monthly update seems odd; at the very least, I think weekly updates, if not the option for daily, should be made available to the subscriber. RSS feeds are available, which is good, but are not immediately visible on the page. One needs to click on the e-mail icon, and scroll to the bottom of the page listing the subjects to which one can subscribe via e-mail, to get to this line:

If you would prefer more frequent updates, RSS feeds are available from each Technical Community page and from the SPIE Newsroom homepage
RSS feeds allow for instantaneous updates, which is the preferred method of current awareness for more and more people every day. So, a great new service from SPIE, but the options to subscribe need to be made more visible on the main page.

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