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Biointerphases - New Open Access Journal

.: Biointerphases has published its first issue, March 2006. Biointerphases is published by AVS, formerly the American Vacuum Society, and hosted by the American Institute of Physics.

Topics Include… •Interface spectroscopy •In vivo mechanisms •In vitro mechanisms •Interface modeling •Adhesion phenomena •Protein-surface interactions •Biomembranes on a chip •Cell-surface interactions •Biosensors / biodiagnostics •Bio-surface modification •The nano-bio interface •Biotribology / Biorheology •Molecular recognition •Cell patterning for function •Polyelectrolyte surfaces •Ambient diagnostic methods

From the introductory editorial:

So why did we start Biointerphases, which is placed amongst several competitors trying to publish the best science in the emerging field of "biological" surface science? If there would not be some very special and unique features to our new journal, we would not have taken over the responsibility to make this a successful and rewarding enterprise.

First, let us remark on the title, with includes the word "phase" in italics: Except for the solid/ vacuum interface at low temperatures, there probably is no other two-dimensional interface. In particular in solutions there will always be a gradient between the solid substrate and the bulk solution, and the same is true for solid/solid and inorganic/organic, and organic/organic interfaces; they all have a higher dimension, and a gradient which drives interfacial processes. Hence, the use of "interphase" rather than "interface" is to emphasise the higher dimensionality of the systems we discuss here.

The idea to launch a journal on biointerphase science has been around for a long time in the community. As is plainly evident, those active in the field spread their publications over several chemistry, physics and chemical, physical journals. There is no unique forum for the community to discuss issues of common interest, to announce meetings and other events, or to provide a job forum for post docs and young scientists. And finally, since biointerphase science involves scientists from all continents and many scientific fields, a common and freely accessible platform is needed to communicate our results and facilitate new collaborations.

These are good and honorable reasons to launch a new journal, but how will it be able to survive financially while providing unrestricted and free access to its content? First, we believe that those who are part of the community will support the journal by submitting their best work, and paying the very competitive and modest publication charges. Second, we will offer an interesting and diverse content including: regular articles; critical reviews; editorial commentary and perspectives, reports on ongoing research programs; opinionated essays and letters to the editor. This will hopefully not only make Biointerphases an attractive journal to read, but also has the potential to attract commercial and philanthropic sponsors. Third, we will strive for a very short turn around time (45 days) from submission to appearance on the web for articles requiring minimal editing or changes. But, of course, ultimately, the journals success will hinge on the acceptance and support by the biointerphase community.

Without the continuing support and financial engagement of the AVS this new journal would not have been what it is and what it will be. Without the willingness of all our colleagues and friends who serve on the Advisory Board and as co-editors, the Journal would not have started. We thank them all for their generous support providing ideas, concepts, and much of their precious time. Last, but by no means least, our thanks goes to Nancy Schultheis at the editorial office, whose untiring efforts drove the publication of this first issue of Biointerphases.

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