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Review: Scopus vs Web o' Science

.: George Porter reports the following on various discussion lists today:

Judy Burnham has published a review of Scopus and a comparison of it with Web of Science. Burnham is the Assistant Director for Administrative and Regional Services in the Charles M. Baugh Biomedical Library, University of South Alabama.

Judy F. Burnham. Scopus database: a review. Biomedical Digital Libraries 2006, 3:1. <http://www.bio-diglib.com/content/3/1/1>
Abstract: The Scopus database provides access to STM journal articles and the references included in those articles, allowing the searcher to search both forward and backward in time. The database can be used for collection development as well as for research. This review provides information on the key points of the database and compares it to Web of Science. Neither database is inclusive, but complements each other. If a library can only afford one, choice must be based in institutional needs.

Biomedical Digital Libraries (ISSN: 1742-5581) is an independent, Open Access journal hosted by BioMed Central.

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