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Engineering Village 2 Enhancements

.: I'm late getting to this announcement, which is a month old. Check out the "What's New" section of the latest Ei Update, which includes information on the new Ei Patents database, enhancements to the faceted search feature, and improved de-duplication functionality. I've been demonstrating faceted searching in all of the engineering design classes in which I teach library and research skills sessions, and have received positive feedback from students along the way.

From the Ei Update, an excerpt from the news about Ei Patents:

Ei Patents includes bibliographic information from the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) dating from 1790, and the European Patent Office database, Esp@cenet dating from 1978. With Engineering Village 2’s unique analysis tools researchers can view at-a-glance, the Document Types (U.S./E.U. applications and Grants), Inventors, Assignees, Patent Codes with descriptions, Country, Year, and Language, of the patents. Search results are presented in clusters, or Faceted Search Results that allow a quick and straightforward view of leading inventors, technologies, countries, etc. Patent searches can be combined with our engineering databases, Compendex, Inspec, and NTIS, to offer unprecedented coverage of engineering information.

By using the facets, researchers can focus a search on U.S. and/or E.U. patents, discover the leading inventor/s, and even see what companies are leading in patents in a given field. This level of competitive intelligence allows researchers to save time and resources by dedicating their efforts on projects that are unique concepts that may lead to their own patents.

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