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Easy Citations on Knovel

.: I missed this one, from the 18 January 2006 v6 n1 issue of Knovel K-News. Knovel has introduced a citation link feature "that allows users to create a properly formatted citation for any reference book or database in the Knovel Library." When using an individual Knovel title, the user clicks on the "Citation" link next to "Title Details", inputs the page numbers, and a bibliographic citation formatted in MLA-style will appear. This is a nifty feature, and will work for any book in the Knovel db, in which page numbers are listed. This option will save the user time to format an individual citation. What I'd like to see added would be extra input space to allow for citing individually authored or co-authored papers within a Knovel publication. Regardless, it is another useful tool in the expanding Knovel arsenal.

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