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Songs About Physics

.: Let us begin 2006 with something on the lighter side, with songs about physics:

These recordings were made in 1947 by faculty and students of the "State University of Iowa" (now the University of Iowa). Prof. Arthur Roberts (of the physics dept.) wrote all the music and words, except as noted below. Click here for Liner Notes.
Check out lyrics such as these, from How Nice to Be A Physicist in 1947:
Oh did you write a book on fission which you tried to sell?
Or wonder while you lectured what you could or couldn't tell?
Or try to get declassified some nuclear equations,
Or wonder if the work you do was done at secret stations?

Research is long,
And time is short
If you find a fact essential
Classify it confidential
Never give
A second thought
The F.B.I.'s approval must be sought.

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