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Cites & Insights: Walk Crawford on Library 2.0 and "Library 2.0"

.: The latest issue of Cites & Insights, v6 n2 Midwinter 2006, is out, and is one long, 32-page, 26,000 word essay by Walt Crawford titled, Library 2.0 and "Library 2.0". Walt writes::

I was reading stuff about something called "Library 2.0"--but the posts and items didn't seem to cohere. I thought I could gather some statements, print them out, read them through, provide excerpts and commentary, and maybe make sense of the whole thing. I planned a typical PERSPECTIVE, probably 3,500 to 7,500 words (5 to 10 pages). Along with a ©4: Locking Down Technology essay (on moves to resurrect the Broadcast Flag and a bill to close the analog hole), it would be one of two major pieces in a varied February 2006 Cites & Insights.

Unfortunately for well-laid plans, the more I read about Library 2.0 the more confused I got--and the more I felt the need for a broad overview not written by an advocate or evangelist. The core essay grew to 14,000 words. Editing cut that to about 13,000 and suggested the need to add more. (Final word count:just over 26,000 words including prologue and epilogue.) The result: This special issue--which I'm releasing as a single HTML file because I don't want this prologue separated from the main essay.

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