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Students Using Blogs

.: Interesting short piece from News in Science, 2 Sept 2005 on use of blogs by students. Excerpt:

Blogging is helping students to think and write more critically, says an Australian researcher, and can help draw out people who would otherwise not engage in debate.

These are the preliminary findings of PhD research by Anne Bartlett-Bragg, a lecturer at the University of Technology, Sydney, who has been using weblogs or blogs in her own teaching since 2001.

"[The students] are thinking more critically," she says. "They are learning to be responsible and they're communicating outside the boundaries of the classroom and the institution, and they like that."

Since the fall of 2003, I have been introducing blogs as project managmenet tools as part of my information and research skills sessions offered to design students in chemical, materials and mechanical engineering. To date, quite a few student design groups, usually with four members, have made good use of blogs in this way.

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