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SPIE Digital Library News

.: The SPIE Digital Library continues to expand and upgrade. From the November 2005 Subscriber E-Newsletter:

Access papers faster with e-First: You can now access papers from SPIE conferences starting just two weeks after the conference. With e-First, Proceedings papers go online as soon as they are approved for publication, providing faster access to timely content. View current proceedings.

SPIE Journals began e-First publication in January 2005. With e-First, new journal articles are added regularly until the issue closes and the next issue is opened to new papers. View current Journal issues.

Archive nearing completion: The SPIE Digital Library now includes Proceedings of SPIE going back to 1990 (SPIE Volume 1200). The Journal archive will be completed by mid-November. The SPIE Digital Library now includes 205,000 full-text papers from 1990–present.

To view listings of all Proceedings volumes currently available, use the Browse links, which can be found in the left column on any page in the SPIE Digital Library. Proceedings can be browsed by Year, Symposium, Volume No., Volume Title, and Technology.

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