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eMolecules Introduces Chmoogle

.: The following appeared on CHMINF-L this morning, and on the eMolecules web site:

SAN DIEGO -- November 18, 2005 -- eMolecules, Inc. today announced the launch of Chmoogle (www.chmoogle.com), the world's leading free open-access chemistry search engine. Chmoogle's mission is to discover, curate and index all of the public chemical information in the world, and make it available to the public. Chmoogle distinguishes itself by extremely fast searches, an appealing presentation of results, and high-quality chemical drawings.

"The world's knowledge in chemistry is an invaluable resource", said Dr. Klaus Gubernator, eMolecule's Chief Executive Officer. "It lies dormant until it becomes searchable by every chemist. The language of chemistry is chemical structures. Chmoogle makes the world's chemistry searchable by structure. Just draw a molecule using your favorite structure drawing tool and hit Go!."

Craig James, Chmoogle's Chief Technology Officer, explained, "The scale and speed of Chmoogle is unlike anything that's come before. We had to start from scratch, build a new chemical database engine from the ground up, so that we could give users the response times they expect, handle one of the world's largest collections of molecules, and respond to the unique demands of the world wide web."

Chmoogle allows users to send queries, results and individual structures as links to their colleagues via email. This feature creates an unparalleled collaborative environment for chemists worldwide.

Chmoogle provides "Chmoogle Free" code that users can embed into their own web sites for direct access to Chmoogle, as well as hosted cheminformatics systems and full web sites for chemical suppliers, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries.

Not being a chemistry librarian, I will defer to those qualified to comment on the functionality and utility of this new product.

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