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Scirus to Index CODA: Caltech's Collection of Digital Archives

.: From the Elsevier site:

Amsterdam, October 17, 2005 – Elsevier today announced that its free science-specific search engine, Scirus, is collaborating with the California Institute of Technology to index the Caltech Collection of Digital Archives (CODA), its institutional repository, and to power a search capability on the repository's site. Caltech CODA was launched in 2000 to digitally archive and make freely available Caltech's scholarly output and today it holds close to 4,000 theses, technical reports, preprints, articles, oral histories and conference papers produced by the 1,200 professional staff at Caltech.

Caltech CODA is an archive of valuable information created by faculty and students. The content is made available in an open access repository so that research results are more visible and enhanced discovery is possible.

“The credibility of content sources is essential to the integrity of Scirus and we are pleased to have Caltech as a partner,” said Sharon Mombru, senior product manager of Scirus. “Scirus maintains its position as the leading science-specific search engine on the market by continuously adding important content partners, like Caltech CODA.”

By providing full-text and fielded search capabilities on both Scirus and Caltech's sites, Scirus ensures that users can easily search and find the information they need. In addition, Caltech results are clearly branded and identified on the results page in order to validate content as reliable and credible.

"The inclusion of this archive in Scirus.com will increase its visibility and enhance its use in research and teaching,” said Eric Van de Velde, director of library information technology at Caltech. "By using Scirus, we expose our content to its worldwide community of users and gain from Scirus' expertise in indexing scientific information.”

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