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Scientists and Blogging

.: Interesting column from a couple months back in The Scientist. In The Power of the Blog, Author David Secko looks at blogging in the scientific world, and asks, "Few scientists have caught on to the Internet's power of posting, commenting, and debating – where are the rest?" Excerpt:

Blogs aren't all about business opportunities; some academic researchers find a haven in them as well. "I get a lot of ideas and feel I'm at the edge of science news [because of blogs]," says Michael Imbeault, a virology PhD student at the CHUL Research Center in Quebec. Imbeault formerly ran The Scientist Blog (not related to The Scientist magazine) and now manages BiologyNewsNet. Tyrelle says that his blog also helps him sort out overflowing biological information, helping him think through its relevance to his research in the process.

Kevin Kubarych agrees, but also considers blogs a better way to use information in the lab. "As a collaboration tool it's absolutely prefect," says Kubarych, who runs The Plexus blog and will soon join the chemistry department at the University of Michigan as an assistant professor. "I expect to have a blog in my new group where we can have a collective conciseness," says Kubarych, "so when someone leaves, their work is still there in the blog."

As more academics pick up blogs, scientific publishing may also change. Not only can you bypass traditional publishing with a blog, but also tools are becoming available to better organize information. One example is Connotea, which turns PubMed and numerous journals into a social environment where researchers can organize and comment on references together, says Ben Lund, a scientist who helped design the site at Nature Publishing Group.

My thanks to Rafael Sidi for this information.

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