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Knovel Adds RSS Feeds and Mouse-Over Functionality

.: I continue to catch up with developments that occurred in the past two weeks. Last week, Knovel announced new enhancements to its web interface. Of interest are RSS feeds and Mouse-over Title Descriptions. The RSS feeds are long overdue and a very welcome development:

Knovel has RSS-enabled many pages in the Knovel Library Web site, which means users can add a "feed" for a given page to their Newsreader and keep track of changes made to that page. For example, the RSS feed for the "All Titles" Web page will update when a new title has been added. Or the RSS feed for a particular Subject Area page will automatically update when new titles have been added to that area. Subscribers can conveniently add a feed to monitor "My Subscription" to know when new titles are added to their subscription.
The Mouse-over feature is quite good. A small window opens up with a brief description of the title, book cover, and a link to the table of contents, which when clicked, opens up the full record for the title within the db itself. This feature also saves an enormous amount of space on the Knovel site. Rather than feature the description and mini-book cover next to the link itself, this information is tucked away in a popup box, visible when called upon by the user. The flip side is that the boxes could become annoying after a while, but I think it's a small price to pay for this feature:
Knovel has just made it easier to quickly access title descriptions. Wherever a list of titles appears, such as the "All Titles" page or "New Titles" page, or even on a search results page, if you now pass your cursor over the name of a title, a small pop-up box will appear with an image of the front cover of the title along with a brief description of the content in the title, the author name, and links to the Table of Contents and Ordering Info. This "mouse-over" saves the user time in discovering what kind of content can be found in a given title.
Knovel is maintaining the little "plus sign" icon to the left of each title, which when clicked, provides publishing, copyright date, and a full description of the title.

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