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Ei Scope and Coverage Committee Blog Press Release

.: Engineering Information's Compendex Scope and Coverage Committee, of which I am co-chair, recently began using blogging technology as a project management tool. Lists of potential titles for Compendex coverage were distributed to Committee members via the blog, with concerns and questions discussed centrally from within the blog since that time. Committee members can discuss specific titles or groups of titles, and provide feedback accordingly.

Ei issued a press release this week with details on how the blog is being used to enhance the coverage in Compendex. The Compendex Scope and Coverage Committee first came into existence in 1993, and initially I was a member from that time until 1998. The new, reconstituted committee has a larger membership, and will continue to advise Ei on the editorial content of Compendex, reviewing and suggesting new titles for coverage. The blog helps to make the work a little easier on everyone involved. Steven Cohen mentioned the press release on Library Stuff.

.: I should note that I am back from NYC, where I spent a nine days on vacation. While there, I had a chance to visit with some of the Ei staff at the Reed Elsevier HQ on Park Avenue. My thanks to Rafael, Ross, Gali, Christian, and Mary for taking the time to visit with me during their busy work day.

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