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Wiley Introduces Online Mass Spectral Library

.: From 16 Sept 2005 Knowledgespeak:

Publisher John Wiley & Sons, US, has launched a wide-ranging online database titled ‘Wiley Registry 7th Ed./NIST 2005 Mass Spectral Library’. The resource, which contains over 461,000 mass spectra, covers illegal drugs, environmental pollutants, pharmaceuticals, chemical weapons and several other compounds. For the first time, the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral DataT, 7th edition and the NIST/NIH/EPA Mass Spectral Library 2005 have been integrated into a single online library. The database is targeted at laboratories that cater to emergency response, urgent care and various critical activities where immediate recognition of the compound is crucial. The library comprises 820,528 unique chemical names as well as 222,553 unique CAS numbers in formats such as Agilent Chemstation and NIST MSSearch/Thermo Xcalibur.
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