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Knovel Enhances Semiconductor & Electronics Subject Area with Valuable New Content

.: Knovel issued the following press release today, via an e-mail:

IEE's EMIS Datareviews Series and Springer-Verlag's Landolt-Bornstein Added

NEW YORK, NY (September 20, 2005) - Knovel Corporation, a leading provider of revolutionary Web-based information services, today announced major additions to its Semiconductors & Electronics Subject Area. The Electronic Materials Information Service (EMIS) Datareviews and the Electronic Materials and Semiconductors systems from Springer-Verlag's Landolt-Bornstein on Knovel will help researchers in the Semiconductor industry meet increasing demands to deliver smaller boards and chips and faster process times.

These content additions come at an important time, as materials-intensive technologies like high-speed, high-density storage and displays are converging with microelectronics and nanotechnology. Design challenges are forcing the development of new materials that represent an increasing proportion of the cost of new semiconductors. Easy access to trusted information about these new materials is critical to industry professionals.

The EMIS Datareviews series, published by The Institute of Electronic Engineers (IEE), offers guidance on the most appropriate materials to use for particular applications, based entirely on input from experts in the field. According to the Engineering Science and Education Journal, "there is a great deal of factual information in this [series] that cannot be obtained easily from other sources. The authors are all renowned scientists from the world's most important research facilities in both the public and industrial sectors."

Landolt-Bornstein, Group IV, Volume 5, presents phase equilibria and thermodynamic data of binary alloy systems. "I had a chance to test our product extensively," said Dr. Rainer Poerschke, Head of the Landolt-Bornstein Department, Springer-Verlag. "It is fantastic what you have done with our PDFs!"

"We are developing Knovel Library into a resource that is used by every scientist and engineer in their daily work," said Delores Meglio, Editorial Director of Knovel Corporation. "The EMIS Datareviews series and Landolt-Bornstein enhance our coverage of the Semiconductors & Electronics Subject Area with trustworthy data from industry experts."

If you subscribe to Knovel, you also must subscribe to the Landolt-Bornstein product to have access to the Electronic Materials and Semiconductors systems. Currently we have access to all of Knovel except for Landolt-Bornstein.

The EMIS Datareviews series is from IEE, and comprises twenty titles.

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