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Encourage Google to Stop Undermining Education

.: We've seen dozens if not hundreds of online petitions, but this one has the suppport of our local Academic Integrity Officer, and is worth forwarding to you for consideration. The message below explains the effort:

Please help encourage Google to stop undermining education through their policy of displaying ads that encourage plagiarism and academic fraud through the sale of pre-written and made to order term papers and essays especially when these ads are displayed on web sites that promote education.

Google shows ads all over the web promoting sites like these:
  • http://www.cheathouse.com
  • http://perfect-essays.com
  • http://www.DirectEssays.com
  • http://www.MonsterPapers.com
Examples of these ads can be found on Google's own site down the
right side of these pages: Google currently prohibits ads that promote alcohol, tobacco, weapons and other things ranging from miracle cures to license plate covers but they do NOT prohibit ads promoting plagiarism and academic fraud; such ads also appear on educational web sites with no way for the site to prevent it other than banning all Google ads.

Encourage Google to Stop Undermining Education

Google has responded to this petition in a way that leaves the door wide open for us to make a difference as their spokesperson said, 'We appreciate the comments made about our advertising which help to inform our future policy decisions.' Source: http://tinyurl.com/cm6rn or http://www.webpronews.com/insidesearch/insidesearch/wpn-56-20 050902GooglePetitionUpdate.html

Also please note that these ads frequently (and ironically) appear over this petition as well because the petition hosting service uses Google ads.

This petition effort has just begun so please sign the petition, let Google know how you feel about this policy and help to spread the word by forwarding this message as you wish.

Thank you,
Jack Paulus


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