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Cites & Insights

:: The v5 n10, September 2005 issue of Cites & Insights - Crawford at Large, is out, and includes a lengthy and somewhat mathematical analysis of what Walt terms to be "library-people" blogs, in a piece called Investigating the Biblioblogosphere. STLQ is mentioned, which I appreciate very much, as is Pod Bay Door, my other, personal blog (on which postings have been few and far between for the past few weeks). I will let Walt know that PBD might best be considered as outside the library blog world, the only real connection being that the author of the blog is a librarian.

As a result of Walt's analysis, I am aware of a few more blogs in said biblioblogosphere.

Follow-up: I e-mailed Walt regarding the inclusion of Pod Bay Door, suggesting that he filter out blogs written by librarians which have little or no library content, and he responded with the following explanation:

I deliberately didn't try to do that kind of a filter. The article is really about "library-people blogs." I also deliberately omitted two major categories of "library-related blogs": Large-group blogs and those done by libraries themselves.
:: Speaking of interesting library blogs, check out why Ross Singer, librarian at Georgia Tech (and fellow guitarist, albeit bass guitarist) thinks that librarians are arrogant asses.

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