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The Latest from IEEE

:: I attended the annual IEEE Breakfast at the SLA conference this morning. Following a delicious morning meal, IEEE presented its slide show of the latest news and forthcoming upgrades to their publications and digital products. Among the highlights:

  • an extensive analysis has been done for IEEE on patents referencing IEEE journals, conferences and standards. Data show that IEEE publications are referenced for more than other commercial and non-commercial publishers; the statistics flew by too quickly for me to record any numbers
  • Patents referencing IEEE have higher citation impacts than peer patents (in the same categories
  • Top patenting organizatgions reference IEEE papers seven times as papers from other publishers; remove conferences, still five times as many
  • 95% of references to IEEE come from the companies filing the patents; 5% are added by the patent examiners at USPTO
  • According to IEEE figures, IEEE publications increased in cost by 6% in 2005; "competitors" increased by 8%; IEEE's average page count per publication increased by 15%, "competitors" by 4% in 2005
  • new content being added to IEL, such as the Canadian Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • many IEEE publications now including multimedia content
  • 27 of 114 titles now posting articles online once they are approved for publication
  • in 2005, two more releases for IEL: 2.1 will include:
    • IEEE press integration; abstract records for IEEE press books with links to Wiley
    • single sales of IEEE standards
    • enhancements to OPAC listings
  • Release 2.2 will include:
    • My Profile functionality
    • Open URL source capability
    • Known citation searching
    • improving readability to address small font problem
    • More legacy content; example: backfiles of the Proceedings of the IEEE will be added as follows: 1963-1987 in 2005; 1913-1962 in 2006
    • watermarking PDFs
I was surprised that no mention was made of integrating RSS into any IEEE products or dbs. In 2005, RSS feeds for journal tables-of-contents is a no-brainer. But they did say they are considering adding RSS in the future. Overall a good presentation (as it is every year at SLA), combined with a good morning meal. Thanks to IEEE for hosting this session again.

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