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U Liverpool's Sci-Eng/Med-Vet Library Opens 24/7

:: Interesting item via fellow U of A colleague Denise Koufogiannakis's Librarians' Rx:

This is the opposite of what's been happening in my neck of the woods. From the UK:

The University of Liverpool's science and engineering, medical and veterinary collections library, is undergoing a trial period of 24-hour opening. An exerpt:

"Phil Sykes, head of the University's library service, says the extension of hours has had a minimal financial impact as the students are asked to check out their own books under the watchful gaze of night-time security staff Mr Sykes opted to run the trial after a survey showed around 300 students visit between 10pm and 3am. He was just beaten to the post to become the first Russell Group-run library in the country to do so by Sheffield University, which started a trial two weeks earlier."

Read the full article in graduateengineer.com and the blurb on the University of Liverpool Library News.

I don't know of any other STM libraries that never close. A portion of the Information Commons at the University of Calgary's Mackimmie Library is open 24 hrs a day from Sunday to Thursday during fall and winter terms.

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