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More on Wondir

:: My previous entry on Wondir resulted in an e-mail from Allen Searls and a post on the Wondiring blog. In response to my query about what other librarians might be thinking about the service, he posted these two links to comments by Gary Price and Teresa Hartman. Barbara Quint also reviews Wondir at Information Today.

Here are a couple excerpts from Allen's e-mail, which provide more detail about Wondir:

  • "Wondir actually allows people to ask questions without registering. It's just as easy as typing in a search at Google. However, registering greatly increases the likelihood that you'll see your response (registered members get an email-alert when someone answers)."
  • "All in all, we’re trying to build a new kind of platform- free, live, open Q&A for everyone, and we're hoping to engage the librarian and information sciences community to help—registering as members, filling out detailed profiles and answering questions in their spare time at Wondir. Have you tried the New Question alerts? It's part of the "My Wondir" section at the site and allows you to sign up to get email alerts when anyone asks a question containing keywords you've specified. This makes the process much more efficient."


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I must admit that I, too, have answered questions on Wondir. When you're brain dead from finding really hard work questions, it's nice to get a few quick victories.

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