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More On The ACS - NIH/NCBI Chem Abs/PubChem Story

:: OK, that headline was a mouthful, I know. Previously I posted Gary Wiggins' commentary on ACS, PubChem and open access. A quick browse throught CHMINF-L led me to a number of other posts which may be of interest to you. First up is a link to the article in the 25 April 2005 issue of Business Week, called "Whose Molecules Are These?". The article notes:

The National Institutes of Health thought it had a great idea for advancing science -- but its concept is threatening the world's largest scientific society. The plan: Put information about a vast number of molecules, which could be used to probe genes and biological functions, into a public database, dubbed PubChem. Scientists then could use the data to uncover new knowledge or new drugs. The information would come from other public databases,scientific papers, and publicly funded research.

But the project has run into fierce opposition from the 158,000-member American Chemical Society (ACS). The nonprofit group has its own database of 22 million molecules, the Chemical Abstracts Service, that typically costs thousands of dollars to access and accounts for more than half of the society's $421 million annual budget.

Another article appeared in ACS's hometown newspaper, Columbus Dispatch. In early May, an article appeared in Science, Vol 308, Issue 5723, 774 , 6 May 2005, called "Chemists Want NIH to Curtail Database". The article describes how the ACS has enlisted the Governor of Ohio and Ohio's state delegation to push its case against NIH.

For more CHMINF-L posts on this developing story, go to the CHMINF-L Archives search page, search for "pubchem and acs", and restrict your search from April 2005 to the present.


It is most interesting who claims to be a scientist and who claims not to be, and it is just as interesting who claims to be for them and against them. Thanks for the information.

The best to you.

Terry Finley

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