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More on Chemical Market Reporter

:: Brian Gray, creator of e³ Information Overload - E-Resources in Engineering Education (a blog of which I was not aware), reported the following on CHMINF-L:

I have been working with CMR to get electronic access for my patrons. They have finally worked out the process and asked me to share the newest information. They are eager to hear comments and concerns as they offer this new access. The contact information is included in their announcement.

SPECIAL UNLIMITED ACADEMIC ONLINE ACCESS RATE FOR CMR - ONLY US$415 Access to CMR online will give you: Free online access to the current issue of CMR every Monday morning. So you can read it first - incisive analysis of chemical news and information from the US and globally. With highly respected editorial, expert analysis of the whole industry and dedicated financial coverage.

Free, unlimited search access to our online archive, giving you instantly the chemicals information you need from an entire year's issues of CMR.

Online Pricing Guide - carrying an extensive A to Z listing of over 500 chemical prices. This listing is the most comprehensive and up-to-date, an essential reference tool for any chemical executive.

To get your special rate of unlimited users/ buildings at US$415 or to find out about single access call:
Connie Magner
Subscriptions Sales - ICIS publications
Tel: +44 20 8652 4775

I appreciate Brian's work to help get this sorted out, but I find CMR's solution a poor one. The academic and college libraries already subscribing to the print edition of Chemical Market Reporter are being asked to fork over another $415US (~$525CN) to get online access to something we've paid for in print for years. CMR extracts content from the print edition, moves it online, and wants more money for it? Also, will the archive of chemical prices be available for one year only? How will faculty and students working on research projects requiring historical or retrospective prices find this information otherwise? Professor Jakob Zabicky of the Institutes for Applied Research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, responded on CHMINF-L accordingly:
The apology for CMR seems rather strange. All the goodies offered by electronic-CMR for only $415 may be Delikatessen for "any chemical executive". We used to get them in print for $190 without the frills, which are of low value in academy. So, if ICIS publications reads this, let them know we won't renew the subscription, if not, they'll become aware in due time.
I would tend to agree. The impression we are getting is that CMR isn't aware of the importance and value of its chemical pricing content to students, researchers and faculty. After so many decades of publication, this is rather astonishing. Ben Wagner, U Buffalo, followed Prof Zabicky's comment with one of his own:
Though it does not include the price listing any more, we have depended on third party aggregators for CMR articles as follows:

from 01/27/1992 to present in ABI/INFORM Global
from 11/04/1996 to present in Business ASAP and InfoTrac OneFile

So I would cancel the print subscription if we had one, and I am indeed not happy about loss of access to pricing information.

I agree. I have not heard back from the Editor-In-Chief, Helga Tilton, since she called me on May 19th. For now, I am still willing to give CMR the benefit of the doubt. I hope they bring the prices back to the paper copy, at least on a monthly basis, so that there will be archival access in print, and via the aggregator dbs mentioned above by Ben. And I hope they solve this soon.


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